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Products | Dr. Yair Maimon

In the past 15 years  Dr. Yair Maimon conducts researches on the influence of herbal medicine on cancer patients. The researches are done in major hospital in Israel and around the world. These product are the result of these studies. 


Based on more than two decades of research and clinical experience, Protectival, (Clinical Trial name: LCS101) is LifeBiotics’ Dietary Supplement product, which has shown benefit for oncology patients. Protectival comes in a 90 tablet bottle and is manufactured by a rigorous production protocol from highly concentrated bio-active botanicals, known for their medicinal qualitie


Tonix-R is LifeBiotic’s second Dietary Supplement product, designed for promoting vitality and health and supporting the immune system.

Made from seven different plants, and manufactured with the same uncompromising production standards and Quality Assurance protocol, Tonix-R comes in a 100ml concentrated liquid formula

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