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The next cohort will be Autumn Semester (October/November) 2023

Oncology Acupuncture is a fast growing specialisations in the field of Chinese medicine. Research demonstrates that acupuncture is useful for symptoms management in cancer patients. There is a growing need for practitioners with the skills and confidence to treat people with cancer at all stages of their cancer journey.

TCM Academy’s Oncology Acupuncture Programme provides the Western and Chinese medicine training necessary for practitioners to become part of the oncology treatment ecosystem.

This internationally certified programme in Oncology Acupuncture consists of 18 pre-recorded classes (16 hours) and 4 live streamed webinars (16 hours) and 1 Extra Curricular live streamed class.



About Online Course

All live webinars will be led by Yair Maimon (O.M.D Ph.D Ac) and supported by a team of experts with vast experience from the world of oncology.

You will hear first hand experience of working in an oncology hospital setting and learn from current practitioners about treatment protocols for patients along every stage of their cancer journey.

Our team of experts includes: 

Kathy Taromina, Dean of Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine. 

Jennifer Stone, Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesia, Department of Pediatric Oncology. EIC JASA. 

Jonathan Ammen, Director of acupuncture at the Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts

Dr. Rachel Pagones, chair of the transitional doctorate department at Pacific College of Health and Science (PCHS)

This unique module brings together world leaders from the fields of oncology and internal medicine and will cover all aspects of oncology from both a Western and Chinese medicine perspective and will include research, safety and ethics.

The 18 bespoke courses for this module will provide participants with exceptional standards of training in an accessible eLearning format.

This module will enable participants to start treating cancer patients safely and effectively and with the confidence to communicate clearly with other oncology medical personnel

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