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  Yair Maimon, Ph.D, O.M.D, Ac clinic in Tel Aviv - Marpe - Integrative Medicine Centre


 Yair Maimon's way to Chinese medicine derives from the search and desire to take care and help people. A path which combines the scientific and the ancient, and a deep understanding of the healing process.

His exceptional skills and ability to diagnose with a thorough understanding of the patient helps him find the best ways of treatment.

One of the most senior therapist, teacher and scholar of Chinese and complementary medicine in Israel for over 25 years.
Founded and was head of the first alternative medicine department in an Israeli hospital.

Today, he is the Research Director and Consultant at the  " Tal Center" for Integrative Medicine at Sheba (Tel Hashomer) Hospital's oncology department.

Prior to that, he lead a Research team in the field of cancer treatment using Chinese medicine and herbs at Bar Ilan University.

This research has led to the publication of many articles in leading scientific & medical publications, including “The Oncologist”. The study followed a group of women breast cancer patients treated with a unique formula (Protectival) developed by Dr. Yair Maimon, alongside some of the brightest minds in the field of oncology.

Senior and renowned lecturer on treatment of cancer and emotional problems through Chinese medicine.

Head of the Israeli Center for Research in Complementary Medicine (NPO).

Chairman of the International Congress of Chinese Medicine in Israel (ICCM).

Head of Refuot, integrative Medical Center

Peer Reviewer – WHO ICD-11 Traditional Medicine Chapter

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