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 Since 2020, President of the ETCMA, The European traditional Chinese medicine  organisation, which represents TCM association from 21 countries. 


 Yair Maimon, (O.M.D Ph.D Ac) has an ample and unique academic background. Graduate of colleges and universities in England, Holland, United States, and China

  • Expert in different modalities of Chinese medicine: “5 Elements”, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Stems and Branches, Japanese Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and

  • studies of ancient medical texts

  • Postgraduate specialisations in integrative medicine, paediatric, gynecology, and oncology.


 Former academic lecturing and Teaching

  • Dean and co-founder of Medi-Cin College of Complementary Medicine.

  • Lecturer in Medical Psychology at Tel Aviv University.

  • Head of Continuing Education–Complementary Medicine Studies for medical doctors in affiliation with Bar Ilan University

  • Dean of Broshim Campus for complementary medicine situated at Tel Aviv University

  • Head of cancer and botanical research project at Bar-Ilan University’s Cancer Research Center. Founder of cancer research center at the oncology department of Tel Aviv medical center.

Clinical Experience


Yair Maimon is practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine since 1986.

He  has a broad clinical experience. He was  working  in hospitals and clinics:

  • Lemuel Shattuck Hospital – Pain and Stress Relief Clinic ( Boston USA)

  • TCM Clinic in the Neurology department at Hillel Yafe Hospital (Hedera, Israel)

  • Head of Chinese Medicine Unit at Shiram-Asaf Harofe Hospital

  • Head of the Complementary Medicine Unit and Integrative Oncology Research Center at Tel-Aviv Medical Center-Ichilov Hospital (Tel Aviv Israel)

  • Oncology department in Guangan men hospital (Beijing China)

  • Private clinic since 1988  

Yair Maimon is one of the leading and well known Practitioners in Israel.

Over  15 years consecutively, he was included as one of the of the best complementary medicine practitioners in Israel. in the yearly, “The Best” magazine, issued by leading newspaper  Ma’ariv. 

  • Yair Maimon is a highly, sought after lecturer. Keynote speaker in leading conferences, courses and workshops around the world. Developed a unique approach in integrating western science and eastern knowledge. Understands the complexity of human life and healing

  • Teaching courses all over the world. on advanced Chinese medicine topics

  • Developed an outstanding E- learning website for TCM,  with courses on-line with the best teachers in the world .

JASA: The Journal of the American Society of Acupuncturists the official peer reviewed journal of the American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA)


WHO- Peer Reviewer – WHO 9 (World Health Organisation) ICD-11 Traditional Medicine Chapter

UNESCO- Lecture in the scientific acupuncture day in Paris, on the outstanding contribution of his research.

ETCMA- Received  an acknowledgment for out standing contribution  for the development of  TCM in Israel 

10 Times - chosen by Ma'ariv newspaper for the best integrative medicine practitioner category in Israel

Forbs Newspaper- chosen for the best integrative medicine practitioner category in Israel

Tcm academy- founder of the integrative  medicine  e-learning website 


· National Certification Commission for acupuncture and oriental medicine

· Society of integrative Oncology

· Israel Association of Chinese Medicine

· Israel Medical Association in the Complementary Medical Society

· Member of the NMC National Mirror Committee ISO TC 249 – on Traditional Chinese     Medicine.   

·Member of the clinical practice committee of the Society of Integrative Medicine (SIO)

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