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Hope to see you in one of my lectures

January 25-27



  Clinical cases for shen acupuncture course.       



February 9


 Congress of integrative medicine in Warsaw                           


February 23-24


Institute Van Nghi                          

Seven emotions as internal cause of disease                           


March 15-16


Oncology acupuncture international                          Certificate from TCM Academy (


April 2-4

Israel- Iccm congress
 Windows of heaven

Welcoming session

President of the congress

May 4-5


 Oncology acupuncture  

with TCM academy                                                                                                                                                  

May 30

The Rothenburg Tcm congress - Germany        

Heavenly points

acupuncture points with the word heaven.

TCM as multi targeted approach in cancer

June 15-16


Oncology acupuncture 

with TCM academy                                                                                                        .

June 30-July 1

 USA -Vermont                         

In co-operation  with SAS

Oncology acupuncture

with TCM academy

August 24-25

Germany Berlin


Shou Zhong

 The seven emotions and their effects on Qi

October 5-6

Germany Berlin  AGTCM


Oncology acupuncture  

with TCM academy


October 19-21

USA - New York


 Sio (Society of integrative oncology)

Practice committee

Oncology acupuncture committee

November 24-25


Oncology Acupuncture

Oncology acupuncture -USA Switzerland


December 6-8


8 extra meridians

Extraordinary Channels

Learning how to use the 8 extraordinary channels

Including The treatment of hormonal imbalance and fertility

December 12-13

Shenzhou Open University 

Shen and the treatment of psychological disorders

January 13-17

  Belgium Antwerp            


 Tonify the  treatment of immune system     


Shen Qi , Wei Qi, Jing Qi.    

 January 25-17

 Poland Katowice                          

 Shen acupuncture part 1                             

Internal pathogens  7 Emotions. Transforming Evil to virtue                

February 16-17 

 Portugal - Porto                                      

Oncology Acupuncture

                                                                                                      Effective treatment for cancer patients"

March 14

  Israel  ICCM- Tel Aviv                                          


 The spirit of acupuncture points

May 10

  Germany- Rothenburg                              

   The Twelve Spirit Points of Acupuncture

June 1-3


  Shen acupuncture part 2                                                 One needle treat 1000 disease.  5 element diagnosis and treatment                                                                                                     

June 16-17
September 27-28

  Austria- Graz    TAO Congress       

 The  unexpected and outstanding research
results in
TCM formula (LCS101) and cancer care                                                                                                             .

October 12-14

 Poland -Krakow   by the Polish Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine                           


  TCM congress in krakow

October 27-29

 USA- Arizona   by the SIO 


 Presentation in a conference of the Society of Integrative Oncology 

November 9-10

Poland- Katowice                       

Shen acupuncture part 3

                                                                                                          Treating trauma and psychological disease in Chinese medicine. Prenatal and postnatal traumas 


November 24-25

Belgium- Antwerp                                  


Seven emotions and their effect on Qi and Shen                     Deep understanding and treating psychological cases with acupuncture

December 13-16


 Oncology acupuncture
cooperation with TCM Academy

January 21-22


 Oncology Acupuncture

                                                                            Evidence based TCM in cancer care

                                                                            Lecture to the medical association

February 4-5


 Oncology Acupuncture:

                                                                              integrated therapy for cancer patients

                                                                           Evidence based oncology acupuncture

                                                                            lecture to Italian Medical  association

February 17-19


 Shen Acupuncture Seminar 1/3                                                                          

Part 1- The 7 emotions

March 4-5


One min diagnosis and Jing well points

May 6-7

 Extra meridians

                                                                                 In-depth study and application of  8 extra                                                                                         meridians

June 9-11


 Shen Acupuncture Seminar 2/3

  Diagnosis and treatment on the shen level

  One minute diagnosis, 5 elements and one needle treatments                                                                     .

September 1-3


 Shen Acupuncture Seminar 3/3

                                                                    Treatment of trauma, shen-hun-po . Gui              treatments. Pre and post natal traumas

October 7-8


 Advance Oncology acupuncture


 Lecture together with Dr. Julia Hartung

October 28-29


 Oncology Acupuncture - effective treatment for cancer patients                                                                                                   acupuncture techniques to treat cancer patients  according to the studies of Dr Maimon                                                                 

December 9-10


 Extra meridians

 In depth study and application of  8 extra meridians

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