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Courses | Dr. Yair Maimon

I am Teaching and lecturing worldwide on integrative and Chinese medicine for the last 20 years,

 conferences, courses and workshops.  Including postgraduate training seminars at the Chinese Medical association of: Switzerland, Denmark, England, France, Austria, Holland, Sweden, Finland, German, Norway, and others.

Teaching a unique understanding of Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment, lectures and workshops on topics such as:

  • integrative medical approach,

  • cancer and TCM approach,

  • treating the Shen and psychological disorders,

  • One needle-treatment approach,

  • diagnosis and treatment of childhood trauma,

  • 7 emotions-internal factors of disease,

  • one minute diagnosis and more.

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Immune system in TCM. Handout from the webinar





International Certificate Program Oncology Acupuncture

Oncology Acupuncture is a fast growing specialism in the field of Chinese medicine. Research demonstrates that acupuncture is useful for symptoms management in cancer patients. There is a growing need for practitioners with the skills and confidence to treat people with cancer at all stages of their cancer journey.

TCM Academy’s Oncology Acupuncture Programme provides the Western and Chinese medicine training necessary for practitioners to become part of the oncology treatment ecosystem.


This internationally certified programme in Oncology Acupuncture consists of 18 pre-recorded classes (16 hours)

and 4 live streamed webinars (16 hours) and 1 Extra Curricular live streamed class.

Shen Acupuncture

A comprehensive understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders, difficult diseases to cure such as chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases.

Utilizing needle techniques that can reach the depth of the disease and summon the healing powers of the Shen, creating powerful clinical results.

Clinical Focus:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders

  • Needle techniques that reach the depth of the disease

  • Deep knowledge of acupuncture points

  • Creating powerful clinical results

  • Hands on clinical experience


If we want to help the patient discover his inner strength, we need to carefully find the hidden places. This course provides effective clinical tools to any practitioner of TCM. It will make you see your patients in a completely different way.

For more information see course dates


 One needle treats 1000 diseases


The One Needle technique is the basis for understanding the treatment of the Shen. It is based on a 5-elements approach which will grant you access to the core of the patient’s condition immediately.


This workshop deals with treating patients with fewer acupuncture points. Chinese Medicine utilizes the patients' own healing abilities to cure themselves. The more precise the diagnosis, the better we can enhance the patient’s strengths and potential to harness their self-healing capacity and achieve a cure – treating the root, not the disease.


In the workshop, clinical cases will be presented, and diagnostic disciplines will be discussed including the ancient observational techniques for evaluating the Shen, understanding the innermost core in order to uncover the true imbalances which are the cause of the symptoms and signs.



Woman Receiving Acupuncture

 One minute diagnosis & the wonderful 12 jing points


Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine is based on 4 pillars: observation, listening –smelling, inquiry-questioning, and palpating-touch. However most important information is gathered in almost the first instant. Practicing these instant diagnostic abilities enables the practitioner to really “see” the patient. Once we “see” we don’t stop “seeing” the most hidden energetic patterns, the inner pain, the strength, the yin and yang and the elements as they are manifested in the individual, the story of the Shen.



Watch the short lecture on HT 9 





The extraordinary channels form a blueprint of person’s destiny. They contain Jing and create an infrastructure for Shen to dwell in. The very basic structure and plan for human body is represented by them.

When the sperm meets the ovum the Ren and Du are created than the Chong and Dai mai are involved in the first cell division. They are the root of creation of all the initial physical structures.

The extraordinary channels are extraordinary and have a vast clinical relevance. They can be used to treat a variety of disease. For example: treating epilepsy, by balancing Yin and Yang Qiao or the Du Mai, loss of consciousness by treating Du 26, Chong and Yin Wei for treating hormonal imbalance and more.

During the lecture different approaches to extraordinary channels will be shown and explained. The connection between those channels and FuXi (early Heaven or primordial) order of eight trigrams will be discussed with its clinical applications concerning pre-natal development of human body. Also their role in ensuring fertility will be presented.

The discussion of different channels will cover their pathways, physiology and pathology, so called opening points, techniques of needling and pairing them. Special attention will be put to their clinical relevance in treating modern, complicated diseases like autoimmune or metabolic diseases.




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